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The Path Ahead for Cohealo

The Path Ahead for Cohealo

Three weeks ago, I moved into the CEO role at Cohealo. Although I’ve been at the company from the earliest days and served as COO, the change has had me drinking from a fire hose since. But I wanted to take a few minutes to share the vision for Cohealo moving forward in a direct and personal way.

When Cohealo was first conceived, we were known as “Collaborative Healthcare Logistics” (thus the Cohealo moniker). Our priority back then was to prove the logistics piece of our solution. We could not truly be a platform that enabled hospitals and providers to share medical equipment if we couldn’t get it from point A to point B safely!  We were quickly able to prove out that thesis, and just as quickly realized that the logistics capability was only scratching the surface of what hospitals needed to be more successful, financially and clinically.

Fast forward to today, some three plus years after our founding, and Cohealo’s priorities are evolving again. We are charting the next stage of our journey: driving even deeper value to customers directly through our technology platform. We are focused on three key areas that, during the next twelve months and beyond, will build upon the (still) unique solution that Cohealo defined.

First, we are building robust and insightful reporting and analytics capabilities. Our work with clients generates tremendous amounts of data about medical equipment supply and demand – and it is time to start turning those data streams into actionable intelligence for them. Our goal has always been to not just facilitate the sharing of medical equipment, but support smarter purchasing and consumption decisions in real-time.

Second, Cohealo is focused on expanding the value that we bring to our clinical users. From streamlining the workflows within our platform to reflect the way clinicians actually work in hospitals today, to providing tools that make collaborating with their peer facilities even easier, we want to make “the right thing” easy to do. Too often in healthcare, technology has fallen short of its potential because it has achieved automation at the expense of efficiency and/or experience. EMRs are perhaps the most conspicuous example. We see that lesson – we want the experience in our platform to not only functionally deliver results, but to make lives easier for our clinical users.

Last, and most ambitiously, we are building our platform to be THE single source for medical equipment management. We have heard, and loudly so, that our customers and partners are looking for support to consolidate the tools they use to request and source equipment. We want to build them that engine. No matter the surgical procedure, or purpose of care, medical equipment is a necessary component, and it needs to come from somewhere. Cohealo’s goal is to serve as the point of coordination, whether it is in the four walls of a system or not. We see our job as providing the most efficient, simplest and smartest platform to support clinicians in providing top-notch patient care.

Cohealo’s mission is to help make the best technology available to every patient on the planet – to bring it to them. As our current priorities demonstrate, that mission is still what drives us, day in and day out.  We look forward to the next chapters of that journey.

Brett Reed
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