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Cohealo was founded on the belief that collaboration among hospitals, using technology, could dramatically improve financial and clinical results.

We zeroed in on the massive inefficiencies around medical equipment. A health system typically spends tens of millions on equipment purchases and rentals annually. However, average utilization of 42% means most capacity remains idle. One hospital’s new spinal surgical table may gather dust, while a nearby facility cancels procedures due to equipment issues – or sends patients away altogether.

Our solution combines a technology platform, analytics, and supporting logistics to make medical equipment available – anywhere and anytime – on-demand. Some call our approach the sharing economy or collaborative consumption. For us, it’s a step forward on our mission to make the best medical technology available to every patient on the planet.



Brett cofounded Cohealo and drives its innovation forward on behalf of clients.

Brett Reed

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan drives finance to be a strategic solution provider for the entire business.

Ryan Lissauer


As a cofounder, Michael ensures that Cohealo’s innovation process is design-, data- and customer-centric.

Michael Slocombe

Design & Experience

Matthew is responsible for driving partnerships with Health Systems by gaining adoption of the Cohealo mission and goals.

Matthew E. Smith

Sales & Marketing

Chris leads Cohealo’s operations to execute on behalf of clients while also building the processes that enable the company to scale.

Chris Summersgill


Joseph leads the team responsible for designing, building and running the Cohealo platform.

Joseph Terranova

Engineering & Cloud Operations



Cohealo’s first-of-its-kind solution applies sharing economy principles to transform the way hospitals use medical equipment.

Our diverse team hails from all corners of the globe and brings experience from multiple industries. We are looking for committed, talented individuals who share our passion for changing the dynamics of healthcare.

Learn how Cohealo can increase the financial and clinical value of your equipment