Cohealo | WHY COHEALO?
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Even as health systems grapple with increasing financial pressures, a multi-million dollar blind spot remains: medical equipment.

Tens of millions in annual spend translates into utilization rates of just 42%. And that’s just the equipment on the radar screen at a system level. Not all hospital purchases and rentals are centrally tracked.

Cohealo’s solution provides a complete, centralized platform to track a health system’s equipment across all facilities – enabling smarter decision-making and collaboration. Meanwhile, our complementary logistics capabilities allow sites to share what they’ve got today and drive utilization to new heights.

Centralize inventory

Enable equipment sharing across facilities

Avoid unnecessary purchases and rentals

Increase utilization rates



Better health outcomes rely on making high-quality care available – and convenient – to the patients who need it most. Cohealo helps health systems liberate their equipment in support of clinical teams across communities.

When equipment travels to patients, health systems can:

  • Expand availability of needed treatments across sites
  • Better equip clinical teams for ongoing patient care
  • Increase consistency of care, in support of population health

Accelerating Cash Flow


Which equipment investments will deliver the highest returns next week, next quarter … or next year? With Cohealo, health systems can identify and respond to demand tomorrow, not just today.

  • Accelerate procedure delivery by better matching resources to clinician demand
  • Minimize equipment-related delays and cancellations
  • Uncover and accelerate expansion of service lines

Learn how Cohealo can increase the financial and clinical value of your equipment