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The Future of Cohealo

  • September 5, 2017
  • by Brett Reed
  • Company

Two years ago (two years!) I moved into the role of CEO and wrote my first blog post with the goal of laying out our vision and priorities for the future.

As with any young company, our journey has not always taken the form of a straight line. Today, I’m looking back at the (now slightly twisted) path I laid when I took over as CEO and map where we want to go in the next two years.

From the beginning, we have always sought to help healthcare providers do business differently. We help health systems leverage technology and business practices in unprecedented ways – by providing software and service to hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, and outpatient centers that enable them to share their equipment on-demand and act as one unified network.

Two years ago, we were focused on expanding the value we could deliver to our customers beyond simply sharing equipment. We wanted to give our health system partners a technology platform that managed and automated their entire workflows around scheduling equipment, and we wanted to make it so beautifully simple that equipment sharing became a frictionless part of each system’s culture. We also wanted to be trailblazers in removing opacity from datasets and providing actionable intelligence around equipment usage and utilization. We wanted to give health systems the data they needed, when they needed, without the added noise. Finally, we wanted to be a one-stop-shop for all necessary medical equipment by providing the tools necessary to consolidate, automate, and coordinate equipment scheduling, regardless of the source.

So, how are we doing on achieving those lofty objectives? Well, let me tell you!

1) Expanding the value we offer clinical users

We have continually streamlined our end users’ workflows. For example, based on user feedback, we’ve added an easy-to-use physician equipment preference tool set on our dashboards, which helps these users provide scheduling rules enabling Cohealo to automate the scheduling of needed equipment.

But we’re not content to stop there. We’re constantly iterating on product to provide the best possible experience for our users – and that’s something we’ll keep doing in the years ahead. What’s next? Stay tuned, as we will soon be announcing a major product enhancement that will allow us to automate the equipment scheduling process at a level of granularity never before seen. We know this will have hugely positive implications on the experience and value of our end users.

2) Delivering robust and insightful reporting and analytics capabilities

As coveted as it is, data is useless without actionable insight. We’ve been able to transform the immense amount of data we collect into impactful insight for our current customer base, which then enables us to populate a reporting and performance platform with those insights. Our reporting platform allows users to measure the impact Cohealo is having on automating the scheduling process and the value customers are receiving. It also allows Cohealo to understand the impact of partnerships with our customers.

Our next goal is to provide even more intelligence in real time. We’ll work to provide capital equipment planning and request management features as well as usage and utilization insights that allow decision makers to leverage the economies of scale inherent in their health networks.

3) Building our platform to be THE single source for medical equipment

Our platform has built-in features that allow end-users to request rental equipment or equipment from OEMs directly – and Cohealo can automate the sourcing of that equipment once all available in-network equipment is at capacity and unavailable. This is no small feat. Combined with our automation features, we now provide value from sourcing to scheduling.

We plan on adding rental companies, equipment manufacturers, and other 3rd parties into our supplier platform, which will ensure that health systems’ vendors of choice are available for equipment sourcing throughout their networks

As I hope you can see – the future is bright for Cohealo. With two years as CEO under my belt and a rich future ahead, I’m excited to continue our journey and mission to make the best medical technology available to every doctor and patient.


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