Pioneering Collaborative
Consumption in Healthcare

Cohealo is a venture-backed technology and services company that develops products for health systems that improve the efficiency, transparency, and cost around equipment management.

Company Mission

A hospital needs to be economically healthy so it can invest in the best clinicians, technology, and patient experiences. Cohealo was founded on the belief that collaboration among hospitals, using technology, could dramatically improve financial outcomes. Cohealo’s mission is to enable healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality care, at the most affordable price. We do this by bringing transparency and collaboration into equipment management, one of the biggest expenses for any health system.

Cohealo’s Values

  1. 1. Trust and be trustworthy

    We form strong relationships across our team and with our customers. With our joint aspirations to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, there are bound to be tall walls that must be scaled. Throughout this journey, we act with the utmost integrity and honesty.

  2. 2. Test, learn, iterate & improve

    We are building the first product of its type in healthcare. This means stepping outside of our comfort zones, learning new skills, and pivoting as we unlock insights. We are proactive learners, who test, tinker, and grow, enriching ourselves while developing an unparalleled product.

  3. 3. Act with empathy

    We remember that we all have humanity in common. We act with kindness and assume the best when working with our colleagues and customers. We create an open space to share and receive feedback, acknowledging that every voice contributes toward our success.

  4. 4. Relentlessly pursue the problem

    We doggedly investigate both old and new challenges, ask questions, listen to answers, and identify solutions. We are persistent and patient in handling the challenges of an elongated timeline, an attribute of working with stakeholders that coordinate the health of thousands of patients.

  5. 5. Customers as partners

    We place customers’ needs in the center of everything we do, supporting our entire continuum of stakeholders. This includes front-line clinical teams like nurses and surgeons, to finance & supply chain leaders. Everyone should feel valued and heard.

  6. 6. No robots here

    We embrace the whole person at Cohealo. We are flexible and focus on time well spent, not time on the clock. When it counts the most, we put in the extra effort to achieve our goals - and celebrate when we succeed.

Company Leadership

The Cohealo team is composed of individuals who have experience ranging across healthcare services, technology, analytics, and hardware.

Todd Rothenhaus

Todd Rothenhaus

Chief Executive Officer

Karen McGoff

Karen McGoff

Chief Customer Officer

Joseph Terranova

Joseph Terranova

Chief Technology Officer

Tim Reimer

Tim Reimer

Vice President of Enterprise Strategy

Hugh Beyer

Hugh Beyer

Vice President of Product

Danielle Goldschneider

Danielle Goldschneider

Director of Marketing

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Our diverse team hails from all corners of the globe and brings experience from multiple industries. We are looking for committed, talented individuals who share our passion for changing the dynamics of healthcare.

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