Capital Planning

Capital Planning

Data-driven capital planning

Cohealo aggregates capital requests and places each request in the context of current equipment utilization and sharing opportunities.

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Purchase equipment based on usage

Health systems are under more pressure than ever before to find savings - and equipment is one of the largest expenses. Cohealo improves the transparency around capital planning by providing objective data on current equipment utilization, so executives can prioritize what to buy and when to buy it.

Not just data dashboards. Real human analysis.

Every health system is different. That's why Cohealo's customer success team works directly with OR directors and finance staff to meet the system's unique capital and operational expense reduction goals. We use our proprietary technology and real human brains to handle the heavy lifting, delivering results customized to our customer's specific needs.

Identify duplicate requests - and then share

During the capital planning process, instead of buying a single resource for each facility, Cohealo identifies equipment that can be purchased for multiple providers across the health system. Finance executives can make it farther down their list of purchase requests and providers have access to a greater variety of equipment.

Get started with an equipment sharing initiative at your hospital or health system

Explore this ground-breaking whitepaper that delves into why medical equipment sits unused 58% of the time, and how collaborative consumption can turn that unused capacity into profit

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How it works

Capital planning that identifies savings, and then realizes them

Cohealo's customer success team works with your finance staff to aggregate capital requests from across the system and develops a savings model designed for your unique goals, always with an eye for maximizing asset utilization through collaborative purchases and sharing.

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Consultative Planning

Cohealo works with OR directors, finance staff, and providers to understand their equipment needs and case volume goals.

Request Aggregation

Cohealo is provided the list of capital requests from across the system to begin our analysis, cross-referencing equipment utilization data.

Savings Identification

Cohealo finds ways to merge capital requests or eliminate them entirely with network-owned equipment with excess capacity.

Collaborative Purchases

Cohealo handles all the logistics for sharing and tracking the utilization of collaborative equipment purchases, which have a 3-5x ROI.