Equipment Sharing: An Entirely New Way for Finance Leaders to Save Capital Dollars


Program Summary

With the cancellation of elective surgeries due to COVID-19, health system leaders must navigate their organization to a new financial future. This webinar outlines an entirely new tranche of cost savings that can be achieved by maximizing the utilization of existing capital equipment with an asset sharing program.

You will be provided with a framework to benchmark equipment utilization across your facilities, and the steps to practically implement a sharing program. Learn from two health system case studies on how asset sharing can reduce new equipment needs by as much as 50%, while eliminating rental costs and satisfying more capital requests from your clinical team.

After This Webinar You’ll Be Able To:

  • Apply a savings model to your hospital/health system from equipment sharing
  • Benchmark equipment utilization in your hospital/health system
  • Summarize the lessons learned from other health systems sharing equipment
  • Describe the equipment and service lines that are most appropriate for sharing
  • Summarize the steps for implementing an asset sharing program

Learn how Cohealo helps optimize a health system’s equipment spend

This white paper will explore how sharing medical equipment can help hospitals to decrease redundant purchases, improve profitability, and equip providers faster, and at a lower cost.

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