Equipment Sharing

Equipment Sharing

Shared equipment ownership

Cohealo enables hospitals to collectively own equipment and share units with excess capacity between facilities.

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Break down silos between facilities

A hospital might refer a patient to another facility because it lacks equipment, while the needed equipment exists just down the road at a sister hospital. Sharing equipment both expands the resources available to each hospital and decreases the amount of redundant purchases of the same equipment across the network.

Leverage equipment in-network before renting

Case volume might spike between hospitals within a network, but the equipment to support those cases remains finite within each facility. This leads to expensive rentals, which increase costs and cut into per-procedure margins. Cohealo identifies the equipment needed on each case, whether existing resources can be utilized, and seamlessly handles all the logistics for transporting assets between facilities.

Expand the inventory available to providers

With Cohealo, providers are no longer limited to the equipment within the four walls of their hospital. By making equipment available to any surgeon in the network, hospitals can attract new patients and expand the impact of their investment – without needing to buy a dedicated resources for a single provider.

Recruit providers at a fraction of the capital cost

When a new provider joins a hospital, they must be equipped appropriately. Avoid spending capital dollars on equipment that can be made available by sharing. At the same time, free up your physicians to practice anywhere a patient might want to see them.

Learn how your hospital or health system can get started with sharing medical equipment

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How it works

A flexible workflow for sharing even the most delicate equipment

Cohealo develops standard mobilization procedures, customized to each equipment type and facility, always with the goal of identifying and reducing risk. This includes specialty crating and move instructions, along with clinical engineering protocols.

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EMR Data Intake

Cohealo becomes an expert on your OR schedule, leveraging a light-weight data export from your EMR and real human analysis to match equipment to cases.

Custom Business Logic

Cohealo conducts an inventory of equipment and finds patterns within the OR schedule, building provider & facility equipment preferences.

Equipment Reservations

Equipment is auto-scheduled based on provider & facility preferences, using the OR schedule and any on-demand requests made via our hotline.

Equipment Sharing

For any cases missing equipment, Cohealo mobilizes shared resources, transported via our specialty moving partners.