Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Equipment utilization insights

Cohealo measures capital equipment utilization, so hospitals can surface sharing opportunities and use their resources efficiently.

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Re-imagine supply and demand

C-Arms, navigation systems, and specialty surgical tables are expensive investments for any health system. Yet once these purchases are made, data does not exists on usage over time. Hospitals use Cohealo's insights to find idle equipment from across the network and then take action by sharing. Segment equipment by facility, type, service line, provider, and more.

Data at your fingertips

Cohealo makes it easy for any OR director, scheduler, or finance executive to evaluate which facilities (including their own) have the equipment they need, and the best days & times to schedule cases. Customizable business logic ensures that hospitals control how equipment is tracked and which units are available for borrowing.

Equipment management engineered for growth

Cohealo’s platform enables operating room directors and service line managers to be proactive with their equipment use. With insights into equipment utilization, managers can tighten block scheduling for greater patient throughput, cycle equipment to prevent overuse, and plan for equipment downtime strategically.

Scheduling made simple

Across facilities, nurses will rely on varying methods to schedule equipment, which can be different even between departments at the same facility. Cohealo standardizes scheduling and logs when equipment is out for maintenance or double-booked, so cases are never delayed and availability ensured.

Get started with an equipment sharing initiative at your hospital or health system

Explore this ground-breaking whitepaper that delves into why medical equipment sits unused 58% of the time, and how collaborative consumption can turn that unused capacity into profit.

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How it works

Smart automation for painless setup & data collection

Cohealo's platform uses automation to captures insights without any manual data entry. Our solution is compatible with any EMR and implementation requires no dedicated time from nurses on an ongoing basis.

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EMR Data Export

Cohealo becomes an expert on your OR schedule, leveraging a light-weight data export from your EMR and real human analysis to match equipment to cases.

Custom Business Logic

Cohealo conducts an inventory of equipment and finds patterns within the OR schedule, building provider & facility equipment preferences.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment is auto-scheduled and usage tracked based on provider & facility preferences, using the OR schedule and any on-demand requests made via our hotline.