Cohealo Showcases First Technology Platform Allowing Health Systems to Share Medical Equipment at HFMA ANI 2015

Provides On-Demand Access to Equipment for Clinical Teams, Increasing Access to Care While Optimizing Spend

ORLANDO – Cohealo, Inc., the leader in medical equipment optimization, today showcased a first-of-its-kind solution at HFMA’s 2015 Annual National Institute. Health systems can now leverage Cohealo’s combined technology platform, supporting logistics capabilities and analytics to make medical equipment available anywhere and at any time across their facilities.

Health systems typically spend tens of millions of dollars per year on medical equipment purchases and rentals. Unfortunately, they lack visibility into what happens next, both within and across their facilities, resulting in an average equipment utilization of a mere 42%1. Furthermore, health systems are challenged to ensure their equipment is in the right place at the right time. When surgeries are canceled, studies show that in nearly one-third of cases it is due to “institutional issues,” such as the unavailability of the right beds or equipment2.

“Some of the most impactful innovations of the past decade have focused on applying the power of ‘the sharing economy’ to unlock the value of underutilized assets,” said Mark Slaughter, founder and CEO of Cohealo. “For health systems, there is a tremendous opportunity to vastly increase the clinical and financial value they derive from their medical equipment. Cohealo envisions a future in which medical equipment is ‘liquid’ and travels when and where patients and providers need it in support of high-quality care.”

The Cohealo solution includes three components:

  • A cloud-based platform to centralize equipment inventory, providing transparency and control over the process of identifying, scheduling, and tracking medical equipment;
  • Complementary logistics capabilities to ensure requested equipment arrives when and where it is needed—then returns to its original site;
  • Analytics support to optimize medical equipment on both system-wide and facility-specific levels.

To learn more about Cohealo’s solution, please visit or Booth 643 at the HFMA 2015 Annual National Institute.

About Cohealo

Based in Boston, Cohealo Inc. enables health systems to centrally manage and share medical equipment across all their facilities. It provides a technology platform, complementary logistics, and analytics to support on-demand access to equipment for clinical teams – improving access to care while also optimizing spend and cash flow. Cohealo is named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List and CNBC’s Disruptor 50. It counts some of the largest hospital groups in the United States as customers. To learn more about Cohealo, visit

Learn how Cohealo helps optimize a health system’s equipment spend

This white paper will explore how sharing medical equipment can help hospitals to decrease redundant purchases, improve profitability, and equip providers faster, and at a lower cost.

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