Make your equipment sweat

Cohealo saves health systems money by sharing equipment between facilities, increasing equipment availability, eliminating rentals, and reducing capital expenses.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente saved $8.6M by sharing

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Featured Article

Reclaiming operating margin: how equipment sharing is changing the paradigm of capital planning

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Speaking Session

Join us for Kaiser Permanente's speaking session at HIMSS19 on February 12th at 12pm in Orlando

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Featured Article

Featured Article

How Kaiser Permanente saved $8.6M with its 'Amazon Prime' for medical equipment

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How Cohealo
Delivers Value

A provider might request a laser, while at a sister facility just down the road, that same laser is sitting in a storage closet. The Cohealo platform dynamically reallocates equipment, so hospitals make the best use of assets they already own, decreasing redundant purchases and costly rentals.

Step 1

Sharing equipment is the fastest way to profitability

For health systems, cutting costs often means cutting staff or services. Sharing equipment breaks that paradigm. By tapping into the sharing economy, health systems can expand service lines, hire more surgeons, and book more revenue.

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Step 2

Improve access to equipment by sharing

Cohealo handles all the logistics and transportation for seamlessly sharing equipment at scale. Our platform and dedicated customer success managers can arrange shared equipment faster than biomedical engineering can fix it, with the ease of a single phone call, text message, or email.

Read Cohealo's guide to sharing medical equipment

Step 3

Receive a 3-5x return on your capital budget

Cohealo places each purchase request in the context of current equipment utilization and ways to share existing resources. Through collaborative purchases, hospitals can buy a single unit for multiple hospitals, stretching capital dollars and fulfilling more requests.

Learn how Kaiser Permanente identified $8.6M in savings

Product Highlights

More than features or data dashboards. Cohealo is savings, delivered.

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Auto-scheduling of equipment and built in conflict management that removes duplicate efforts for clinical staff in securing equipment for cases

Filter asset lists to identify under-utilized equipment, which can be shared, sold, or reassigned to another facility in need

Share resources between hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, medical office buildings and more. Where there is need, Cohealo can share

Avoid rentals with platform alerts that detect when owned equipment is missing from cases, substituting with shared assets

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