Cohealo Product Update: Deliveries View


We set out to solve a simple but necessary need to show you what’s being delivered to your facility and help you with team coordination. We’re meeting this need with “Deliveries” view, a simple and clear view into all of the delivery and logistics information you’ll need.

Our Goals for “Delivery View”

  • Simple & clear: Provide critical delivery information for any facility, at any point in time.
  • Equipment information: who is lending it, serial numbers, pictures, and more.
  • Printable: print the list and hand off to peers for team coordination.

Equipment Deliveries, Simple & Clear

Coordinating teams for frictionless equipment sharing begins with arming yourself with the proper information, on-demand. When you need to know what equipment is being dropped off and picked up at your facility, you need a simple and straightforward presentation of that information.

Colorful drop off and pick up labeling promotes ease of scanning complex data. Estimated delivery times indicate when you can expect equipment, and facility information tells you where your equipment is coming from.

Robust Equipment Information

Spend less time searching for the equipment information you need. It is now in one consolidated place!


Click the equipment thumbnail for a larger image. You can view details and in-depth equipment information by clicking the equipment name. Also packed into this new equipment display is the identification information: serial number, Cohealo ID, and more.

Identifying Equipment Borrowed From Your Network

Our users told us they prefer better differentiation between their facility’s loaned equipment and equipment borrowed from their network. New blue indicators make it easy to identify network equipment deliveries.


Printable Version

Print and share your facility’s delivery list. We’re making it easier for you to coordinate your team for equipment deliveries.


Even More Coming Soon

At Cohealo, we’re always striving to make the equipment logistics process seamless. While this product update represents the latest improvements to the process, Cohealo will continue to roll out even more capabilities and improvements. Stay tuned!


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