Cohealo Product Update: Network & Facility Performance

Performance Analysis

Newly added to the Cohealo platform is the “Performance” dashboard, with six charts that quickly and effectively communicate your health system’s journey to success and the value your network has generated through Cohealo.

Network-wide Performance

Success starts from the top. View how well your entire network is performing in the areas that truly matter: reservations, moves, case coverage and equipment usage.

Reservation and Move Activity

How well is the equipment within the four walls of a facility meeting the needs of your clinicians? With Cohealo, that should never be a problem again. Reserve your equipment and when it’s not available in a facility, Cohealo will move it for you. Check out how reservations and moves grow and watch how your equipment is put to work!

Case Coverage

Equipment should be the last thing on a clinician’s mind when preparing for a procedure or caring for a patient. See how well Cohealo is taking away the stress of case prep with this visual. More reservations means your equipment is efficiently and effectively being deployed in your network. And with the new Auto-Reservation feature, you can reserve even more in less time.

Inventory Usage

The equipment in your network is vital to the success of procedures and delivering effective patient care. Unfortunately, equipment can be expensive. At Cohealo, we believe that care should never be sacrificed due to cost. Nonetheless, we strive to ensure that you are minimizing costs while maximizing the efficiency of deployed equipment. With this visual, we begin to tell the story of how well the equipment in your network is being used.

Individual Facility Performance

In case the network performance isn’t enough, drill down to a specific facility to see how well they are performing relative to all other facilities. How can individual facilities drive value for the health system? Look no further.

Rental Impact

Rentals are a costly and often unnecessary alternative to using equipment owned in network. With Cohealo, there is now an alternative to either renting or purchasing new equipment. Cohealo enables you to look beyond the four walls of your facility and use the equipment owned by all facilities in your network. Borrow other’s equipment, share your own and watch the rental impact grow.

Reservation Breakdown

Reservations generate value. With each assignment of inventory to a patient case, you are creating value for your facility, health system and patients. Every equipment reservation informs utilization and enables Cohealo to help you justify your current and future equipment needs, and the Auto-Reservation feature makes this effortless. Explore this graph to see how well your facility is generating value through manual and auto-reservations and how you compare to everyone else.

Equipment Preferences

The new Auto-Reservation feature will reduce, and eventually eliminate, the work and worry involved with getting equipment when and where you need it. Equipment preferences are the primary driver for reservations. The more equipment preferences you set up, the more value Cohealo will deliver with less work in the future. See how your facility stacks up in the race to automate your equipment needs!

Learn how Cohealo helps optimize a health system’s equipment spend

This white paper will explore how sharing medical equipment can help hospitals to decrease redundant purchases, improve profitability, and equip providers faster, and at a lower cost.

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